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Tali Beach

March 25, 2016


I have learned in a hard way that the best people in the world are hard to come by and reality has its way of making me realize who those best people are. Life is so much better when with friends. Cliché, I know. But really, when you are surrounded with people who lift your soul from the bottom and quench your thirst for adventure, who doesn’t think life is great?

When the sun started to peep in, we drove south and headed to Tali Beach in Nasugbu, Batangas. Three hours and a half of gospel songs (only because we didn’t have any other CD, but hey, I’m not complaining!) on the playlist, we arrived at Tali. The usual, girls fixed the bedrooms; boys started to light a charcoal grill. After our fat inducing lunch meal, we hopped on the 4×4 to go to the Main Beach. Finally, it’s time for some salt water, Vitamin D, and ice-cold beer. Some of us quickly swam to the floater and went sun-bathing. Others were on the shore having a heart-to-heart talk. A few opted to stay at the gazebo to chill while drinking beer. Nonetheless, it was a perfect time to catch up and relax.

When the sun began teasing to dive, we moved to the Secret Beach and watched the ball of fire started to hide. We all quickly took a group snapshot before the perfect backdrop disappeared. It was a fleeting moment as we all sat on the sand while sunset watching and suddenly, everything was at peace. It was so vivid in my mind how the sky played with hues from blue to orange then dark purple and how the fisherman beautifully paddled as the daylight faded.

The next morning, it was time for some cliff diving. It there was one thing to keep in mind when plunging into the deep blue sea, that was to jump without any hesitations. No buts. No ifs.

What a way to welcome summer holiday! And the best part of it all was that we were able to share these best moments all in one day- sunrise, sunset, and everything in between.
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*Photos were taken using Fujifilm X20 and iPhone 5s

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