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Spin Boutique Hostel

June 9, 2016

Where to stay when you come and visit El Nido? Spin Hostel!

It was such a no-brainer decision for me and Marti. The moment we saw photos from a friend, we knew we would want to stay here during our El Nido Adventure.The hostel has a well-thought design- from its interior down to the amenities which made it more interesting. The management must be a frequent traveller that s/he came up with such brilliant concept of putting everything a traveller would need in a lodging. (e.g. power outlets beside the bed, huge bed, bedside pockets for trinkets or books etc.) This was probably the reason why this hostel was the best, if not, one of the.

It was no doubt there were a lot of boutique and upscale hostels around and yet, Spin Hostel stood out from the rest. The moment we entered the hostel lobby, Jinky (if I remember her name correctly) greeted us with a warm hello. Nothing beats a good morning with a smile on someone else’s face. We knew the stay will be worth it.

We left our luggages at their office to take our first island tour, which they excitedly arranged for us. It was such a hassle-free experience and the staff’s honest opinions lead us to a very memorable island hopping tour.

Around 5 in the afternoon, we arrived at the hostel and we had a good stroll around town. We passed by some of the hostels we were looking at when we were scouting for affordable lodgings in El Nido. I honestly gave a sigh of relief because when I saw the others, I knew we booked, in my opinion, the best hostel in town. It was also a plus points that the hostel was only a good 5-8minute walk from establishments.

Upon arrival, they quickly handed us our room card and to add to our satisfaction with their service, our room was decent and huge from what we have expected. I liked the fact that they had bunk beds, clean sheets, hanging lights (which recently I find attractive), and huge-ass cabinets. When I was about to check the bathroom, I was praying that the toilet bowl was “okay” and functioning properly to do #s 1 and 2. It was surprisingly spotless and whopping. To add to that, they had a rain shower head! This was the icing to an already grand and luxurious cake.


The hostel lobby was designed with bamboos as walls, eclectic chairs, and sofa. They also have big spaces where they held activities every night.
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Hostel hallway and our twin room:


Their breakfast was what we looked forward to every morning during our stay. Me waking up early? Heck, no! This was an exception and they didn’t just serve white bread and coffee, they served real breakfast. Make sure to get as many thick pancakes and oozing-with-cheese omelets as you can.

Every night, 7pm onwards, they have an activity for the customers. We were able to join the jam session night where the locals sang songs I haven’t heard in a while. Hats off for singing Coldplay’s songs so well!

I also got the chance to chat with foreigners who were in the common area for the same reasons as I was- Wifi. Giving them tips and lists of places/restaurants to visit in Manila made me realize I would love to revisit those, too. I hope I was able to change their impression that there was nothing else to do in Manila but mall-hopping. I introduced to them Intramuros, Kapitolyo, and Maginhawa. For a layover of 15hours, I believe those places were enough.

Over-all, we rate this hostel 9/10!


To book a room or bed:

Private room costs 3,000php or $66 / night (We booked ours in Agoda!)


Balinsasayaw Road cor. Calle Real, El Nido, Palawan

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