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Love Day

February 15, 2017

Celebrating love and light with the man who makes everyday seem like Valentine’s Day

The night before Hearts Day, I was watching the film Valentine’s Day and it made me realise and feel all sorts of emotion. As another year adds to our age, it’s either we jump on the bandwagon for the heck of it or brush everything off because we are too busy. It’s all because we think that the celebration is only for couples. I used to believe that Valentine’s Day is just a state of mind, that it is just a random day. What I missed out on celebrating this special day is that it serves as a reminder to everyone to give love and spread the positive energy.

So, today, I was reminded that you can love and be loved any day, any how, and by anyone with flowers & chocolates or not.



It is still nice, though, to receive flowers and/or chocolates. ?

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