Look Effortlessly Stylish in 5 Easy Steps

March 21, 2017

Who doesn’t feel kilig whenever someone you know or a stranger asks you “Where did you get that ___ from?”

Many of us think that to look fabulous, we must break our banks. But, as the fashion market expands and evolves, there is really no need to splurge (well, except for bags and shoes?). In my occasional retail therapy and continuous search for the quality and luxurious-looking finds, I realised that with more brands introducing the same style, cut, and patterns, our options are being filtered by the price range and sartorial relevance.

Here are 5 steps that I religiously follow whenever I put together my outfit. I hope it will help you as well.

  • Less is ALWAYS more.
    One rule that I have disciplined myself to do is taking one piece off from my outfit before heading out. (eg. one accessory) This ensures a balanced look of your overall outfit. Stock a few timeless pieces like pearl earrings, bangles, chandelier earrings, necklaces etc. for that extra charm.Remember: Not to be worn all at the same time.  Effortlessness is always the key to a timeless outfit.

  • Clothing material matters.
    I avoid clothes that easily wrinkle because I hate ironing. Period. And, it would instantly make your whole pizzazz inexpensive and unkempt. Some clothing material suggestions would be linen, faux suede, polyester, and cotton.

  • Come out clean.
    Polished hair and well-groomed appearance instantly give any outfit an extra oomph. Take a cue from a variety of hairstyle tutorials on YouTube or Pinterest– from short to long mane.

  • Invest on basic staples.
    This is the best piece of advice that I have heard from all the fashion influencers and aficionados that I have encountered. You don’t need to focus on the new trends. They come and go, but the basic and classy ones will be there, if not forever, then for a long while.

  • Mix and match.
    Don’t be afraid to experiment. You can always wear your favourite midi skirt with your other tops! Whenever I buy something, I always imagine wearing that same garment with 4 other pieces of clothing. Then, I will know it is of good quality and buy.

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