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Little Red Dot Series: Where To Go? Part 3

November 4, 2016

Hits home all the time…

Living in this cosmopolitan country has its fair share of ups and downs. The advantage of a first world country makes you stay longer. The disadvantage of being a foreigner to their land instantly kills you emotionally most of the time. 80% of the time you’ll yearn for your loved ones and comfort of home and in my own experience, it took a while before I found “home” in this Fine City. Below, I listed down memorable places I have been to. These places were unrevealed to tourists and yet, I can vividly remember why going to these places made everything better even just for a while.

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  • Lalang Field

A farewell photoshoot with two of the best people I have met in Singapore…

This place is in the middle of Punggol Waterway and when you see the field filled with Lalang and green, you would disappointedly ask yourself, “Eto na yun? (Is this all there is?)” But, the sound of the crickets (or hiss of a hiding cold-blooded being?), shutter of the cameras, and nervous laughter made everything perfect. Aside from being a perfect setting for biking and photoshoot, watching sunset can be a daily routine here.

I believe it isn’t about the photographs taken, but being in the process of it all.

All thanks to PhotoGEphy and Tin Delos Santos.

How to go here: Take the Purple/NE Line all the way to Punggol MRT Station and board the LRT to Riveria Station. Walk towards the mini-stadium and you’ll see Popeye’s. Go down the stairs, turn left, and walk towards the metal bridge. The Lalang Field I found was just across the bridge.

Note: Come here around 4pm so that the weather will be more bearable. Sunset is around 6-6:30pm in Singapore anyway.

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  • Henderson Bridge

A place where you can chill and shut the whole world out, that’s Henderson Bridge. A lot of locals hike at Mount Faber and take a break at this undulating wave. This is the highest pedestrian bridge, 36m above the ground, in Singapore. But for us, a beautiful and perfect setting to a dance video. My first ever, that is.

Fact: Curiosity would always kick me whenever I would pass by the bridge on the way to work in the morning. I did not know yet that it was Henderson Bridge and I would always wonder how to go up there. Only to find out that there was a staircase 5 minutes away from the preschool I used to work in that would take me up the Telok Blangah Hill without passing through the Southern Ridges trail.

How to go here: Alight at Redhill Station (Green/EW Line) and take Bus145. After 7 stops before Telok Blangah Heights, alight and you will see a staircase and the bridge.

img_1525-2 img_1540-2-2


Seeing the best 3 icons of Singapore from a massive lawn was the best morning I had ever had in SG. Plus, I was professionally photographed by Ann Coyoca. It was always a dancer’s dream to do a photoshoot outdoors and it came true few weeks before I bid the city goodbye.

How to go here: From Gardens by the Bay (find the directions here!), it’s a walkathon. I took the cab instead. Hehe!



  • The Feast Singapore

My spiritual family.

A place where I used to train and recharge myself to ready myself in facing each and every day I was in Singapore.

I will forever cherish and honour these people for sheltering my wandering heart in this concrete jungle. This was the happiest place in Singapore and where I met immensely great individuals who were in constant battle as I was. They have taught me the art of being selfless and surrendering everything to the Lord. Each has their own story and I was glad to have hear them out- may it be through cell group, dancing, or just simply and quietly worshipping. I have realised that there were greater obstacles being faced by an individual everyday, may it be a miscarriage, tremendous heartache, being a breadwinner, or  merely getting to know oneself through God. These people made me understand that through it all, only one Supreme Being can hug and make us feel better and that you just have to believe and have faith.

Thank you for making me feel exponentially blessed.

How to go here: Board the train going to Changi Airport and alight at Expo MRT Station (Green/EW Line) and go to Singapore Expo. Usually The Feast SG is held in Max Atria Peridot or Garnet Room or Halls G & H every Sunday. They also have one in Orchard, Yio Chu Kang, and Upper Bukit Timah Road.

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