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Dumplings and More Dumplings

August 28, 2016

Growing up in a community where dimsum and noodles were an everyday snack was one of the best memories I have ever had. For tourists and locals who said there wasn’t much things to do in Manila, please add going to Binondo  in your list.

Because I was craving for some Chinese food, I brought Marti to my favourite restaurants in Chinatown, Binondo.

*Masuki should be in the list. We weren’t able to go because rain started to fall and we didn’t have an umbrella.
DSCF1825 DSCF1827
  1. Tasty Dumplings

What to eat here: Porkchop (probably as big as my face or bigger!) with rice plus soya milk

Address: Moved to 641 Norberto Ty corner Yuchengco Street, Binondo, Manila

DSCF1829 DSCF1830 DSCF1832 DSCF1835 DSCF1839

  1. President Tea House

What to eat here: Hakaw, salted egg pao, and EVERYTHING on the menu

Address: 809 Salazar Street, Binondo, Manila

DSCF1840 DSCF1841 DSCF1843 DSCF1851 DSCF1850 DSCF1846 DSCF1847

  1. Eng Bee Tin

What to buy here: Every flavour of hopia, peanut bar, and almond cake

Address: 628 Ongpin Street, Binondo, Manila

DSCF1858 DSCF1852 DSCF1853 DSCF1856

  1. Binondo Church and Park

DSCF1862 DSCF1865 DSCF1875 DSCF1879 DSCF1880 DSCF1881

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