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Colour Blocking

September 30, 2016

It’s my first time dressing up or doing colour blocking and here are a few things I have discovered. Keep these in mind when you do colour blocking:

1) Choose more than three shades!

I have realized that I should have used more colours here. Colour blocking was harder than I thought because each detail must be taken into consideration to complete the whole “masterpiece”. Creating a color palette was so much fun and totally brought out the clothes I thought I never have.

 2) Play with the colours.

Do NOT be scared of mixing and matching different hues. I suggest, though, that you think of a theme first. Let’s say you want to use a pastel skirt. Think of a top, shoes, and accessories that would easily be paired with the chosen colour. In the photo, I have picked the top first and everything else was randomly chosen. White was such a versatile and basic hue that can be easily matched with majority of my clothes.

3) Colour blocking is not just what you wear, but also where you are.

Play with your surroundings and environment- the walls, flooring, or furniture. ANYTHING! This was actually the most fun part of colour-blocking! Experiment and just enjoy. In the end, there is no right or wrong, just a product of self-expression and passion.

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