“Do what makes you YOU,” as what they say and so she does.
Gayle Penaranda is The Girl in the Window Seat.

A self-confessed fashionista who got her sens de la mode from the Fabulous 50s and the High Fashion 60s, The Girl in the Window Seat loves to play and dress up as a glamorous and modern, vintage Filipina.

As she has trodden to the cosmopolitan world of Singapore, she has learned and was motivated by the diversity and Little Red Dot’s undeniable appreciation for fashion. Now, she’s finally back in her hometown, Manila, after two years, she brought home identitystyle, and maturity in her suitcase that transcended that of her old self.

Her usual street style stature which were taken by loved ones, friends, strangers, and co-travelers reflected her character and poise that were inspired by the art of being “beautifully put together.” Through out her search for inspiring cities, quirky alleyways, and breathtaking sceneries, she would constantly catch herself, while looking out the vast horizon from her window seat, daydreaming of her next travel destination and of course, what outfit to wear.

Sharing with you all my love for 50s/60s-inspired fashion and my dream in conquering the world one country at a time. If you have any questions, suggestions, or comments, please do leave a message here or email me at gaylepenaranda@yahoo.com. I hope to hear from you soon!

— The Girl in the Window Seat xx