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August 15, 2016

I wasn’t wishing or hoping for anything grand and fabulous for my birthday. I only wanted one thing for my special day- a family photo.

It’s been 10years since we’ve had one and I thought, with my mom here for vacation and business purpose, we would finally have the chance to have our photo taken. But, only to realize some things are just not meant to happen even if you planned it. Hey, even if I didn’t get what I have wished for, at least I get to see and somehow bond with each one of them; plus, I have a photo of them and with them.

And, my day ended with a big surprise from Marti (good thing I didn’t let Poppa fetch me at work haha!). I didn’t expect to see some of my TeamFab loves after a long, rainy day at work. I thought it will just be a quiet dinner/ food trip at The Yard. Thank you to my college friends and overseas friends for ending my day filled with good food, hilarious videos, lots of chocolate cake, and so much love.

Thank you super much to all who surprised me with gifts and balloons early on and on my birthday!

My wish may not be granted today, but I know someday, if time permits, it will happen. My heart may be aching, but I am hopeful and grateful at 27.

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