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21st Hot Air Balloon Festival

February 13, 2017

Up, up, and away with the festival goers at the 21st, and I heard the last, Philippine Hot Air Balloon Fiesta held at Clark, Pampanga!

At 1:30am, we are up and about to get ready and leave the city at 3am. Excited? Yes very much! This is one of those moments that I miss the most. I am a spontaneous person and I have done this a lot of times. Probably, being with the working force has its way of slowing people down. Haha!

Marti and I scheduled to pick up our friends at a gas station near NLEX that turned out to be sketchy and empty at night/when it’s still dark. Instead, we met up at McDonald’s across Trinoma Mall. On our way to Clark, the car was filled with stories and hot topics that entertained us for the whole 3-hour ride- politics, environmental issues, gossip, and politics again. The only time we got bored was when we got stuck 100 meters away from the festival because of traffic jam. So-near-yet-so-far kind of moment.

I have been planning to attend the festival a few years back and for some reason, I always forget. So, finally, I was able to make it to the last hot air balloon festival this year and sure, the start of the program was evidently amazing, but after that we opted to leave and watch a movie at Marquee Mall instead. It was either too crowded or there wasn’t much to do.

Over-all, the company made the whole trip worthwhile. Below are some of my snapshots from the event!

hotairballoonfestival-1 hotairballoonfestival-2 hotairballoonfestival-3 hotairballoonfestival-4 hotairballoonfestival-5hotairballoonfestival-6 hotairballoonfestival-7 hotairballoonfestival-8 hotairballoonfestival-9 hotairballoonfestival-10 hotairballoonfestival-11

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